What we do

Our Staff and Services

To be different in a competitive industry like ours we figured out early on that we had to supply smarter services that would capture the users business needs that other companies were overlooking.  This has proven to be a winning formula over time when comparing our final product to others on the market and realising that we are delivering far more functionality and bells and whistles than any other solution provider today.

Save yourself the headache of running all over town for service providers who are unable to deliver the app or website your heart desires.  At Diesel Rocket Fuel we have  skilled and dedicated staff who ensure you not only get exactly what you want for your new project but also supply the extra bells and whistles and attention to detail.

Our Staff Include:

  • App Developers
  • Website Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts

Our Services Include:

  • App Development and Design for iOS, Android and Windows Platforms (built only in native code)
  • Website Development and Design
  • SEO and Marketing

Our Services in Detail:

  1. Customised Smart Apps for Public Service Providers such as LGA’s and Shires and their associated Governing Bodies, Emergency Services, Public and Private Institutions and Enterprises
  2. Customised CRM and API’s to existing Back-End Systems
  3. Customised CRM and API’s to new Back-End Systems
  4. Customised Administrative Interface and Access to existing and new systems
  5. Customised Front End Apps that connect to 2) and or 3) and or 4)  above
  6. Customised Standalone Apps
  7. Generic in house developed Smart Apps for Data Storage and Retrieval, Event Recording, Issue Reporting and  Historical Reporting ( for new and existing back-ends)
  8. Complex Report Generation for Public Clients, Government Bodies, Private and Public Enterprise and Institutions
  9. Regular updates and maintenance of Apps, Middle-Ware, API’s and Back-End Systems
  • LGA:  Local Government Area
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  • API:  Application Programming Interface